MetaCell®offers clinically proven solutions for the isolation of rare cells in the blood and other bodily fluids. The MetaCell® technology provides procedures for circulating tumor cells (CTCs), disseminated tumor cells (DTCs), circulating tumor microemboli (CTM) and circulating endometrial cells (CECs) detection targeting the purposes of patient prognosis evaluation. Similarly, if the patients’ treatment response, may be verified. MetaCell®technology uses the size–based separation principle of the sporadic cells from the peripheral blood. Thanks to the gently flow within the separation process, the enriched CTCs/DTCs/CTM/CECs are in a very good viable condition. Following, it is possible to set up a feasible and quick (up to 5-7 days) in vitro culture on the standardized polycarbonate membrane.

The MetaCell®technology harbors following specifications:
•  Enrichment of intact of CTCs/DTCs/CECs/CTM in very short time (2-3 min)
•  No problems with flow – based blood coagulation
•  Isolation of both epithelial and mesenchymal tumor cells without use of antibodies against cell membrane antigens
•  High detection capability – 1 tumor cell in 10 ml of blood
•  Separation process does not require any use of lysis reagents: (a simple gently filtration without affecting of the cell character)
•  Preservation of the morphological attributes of isolated cells
•  Possibility to count isolated cells immediately after separation process
•  Possibility to culture enriched cells in vitro for subsequent use/analysis/characterization
•  No need of accessory equipment/machine for cell separation no space requirements